Food Pantries


Ebenezer West Pantry

Located at 1127 W 35th St (behind the church)

Wednesdays and Saturdays
9:00am – 11:00am

We provide canned foods, meat, fruits, veggies, bread and rolls. Bagged lunches are handed out on Wednesday during our normal pantry hours.

Ebenezer South Pantry

Located at 1501 W Lincoln Ave.
(in the parking lot when weather permits)

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays
11:00am (while supplies last)

Ebenezer North Pop-Up Pantry

Located at 20th & Center
(at the empty lot when weather permits)

2 times per month on Saturdays
1:00pm – 3:00pm
(while supplies last) Visit our Facebook page for dates! 

Hot Meal Program


Wednesdays at 35th St. Location

We provide a hot meal for the public, the menu varies and is a chance to have a hot meal and take one home!

Saturday Breakfast


Saturdays at 35th St. Location
9:00am – 11:00am

Saturday breakfast is a time of fellowship. We provide a hot breakfast every Saturday for the community. We love sharing the love of Christ and his teachings.


Ebenezer Stone Ministries “South” provides secure housing to the men that walk through our doors. Stable housing provides a stabilizing anchor of safety and crime reduction for the men we serve and our surrounding community. 

In 2022, 11 men entered the residential program, with an average daily occupancy of 10 men per day. Four of these men completed the entire program. They spent substantial time in a community that encouraged them to find stable employment, build relationships with family members that often had been previously broken, participate in programs for AODA and trauma-informed recovery, and serve their neighbors. When graduating, they have a steady income and support to support themselves and their families.

While in the program, the men worked on the following goals: 

1 – Furthering their education 
2 – Obtaining meaningful employment 
3 – Restoring relationships within their families
4 – Becoming active members of their church community 
5 – Volunteering their time to better the neighborhood and community.

For Intake info Please contact 

Michael Haas or 414-388-0652

Nicholas Hackbarth or 414-666-2792



We are pleased to announce the opening of our newest location, “Ebenezer East.”  Over the past year, ESM saw an over 60% increase in the demand for its service. With limited space issues at our shared location with El Puente School, who went back “in person” last August, we determined that we needed to expand our footprint and secured a lease for a warehouse in October for a second location on 12th and Bruce.  In January 2022, this additional 13,000 square foot facility was opened and began to serve.  And so began “Ebenezer East!”

Through an expanded partnership and RDO agreement with Feeding America, our capacity to take in and distribute food to the southside and beyond has grown exponentially.  This means ESM is responsible for the redistribution of fresh and dry food to other local pantries. This winter we saw this come to life and our warehouse supplied 12 pantries with food to distribute to surrounding neighborhoods.  In the middle of a food desert, our new fresh food recovery program is filling a deeply felt need in our community.  Through expanded storage, we are able to maintain a steady supply of food, serve fresh food year-round, and support other meal-based programs to do the same thing. 

Our warehouse is also providing students with real work experience as they learn how to operate a forklift as a part of their educational fulfillment.  We see God using this space to equip people with a stable foundation, especially creating opportunities for women and marginalized populations to become trained for the workforce.  This additional space also frees up our original location on 35th and Scott for more programming, allowing us to more easily pursue the financial literacy, job preparedness and ESL components of our work. Our patrons are provided with more than their immediate needs and offered long term stabilizing resources.  We could not have envisioned how God was operating behind the scenes to pull together a plan far beyond our imaginations.  We are blown away by His provision and faithfulness!

Email address is

Program Services

1501 Lincoln location

We also offer many program services at our 1501 Lincoln location.

  • Parenting Class 
  • Bible Study – Tues and Thursday Nights 
  • Full Time Social Worker 
  • Foodshare 
  • Badger Care
  • ESL 
  • Mental Health & Addiction